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Placement Year at Intergral GmbH

For my placement year, I was offered the opportunity to work for Intergral GmbH out in Germany as a Java Developer of server analysis and debugging software. Living south of Stuttgart in Herrenberg, I learned a lot, such as:

- How to be a professional,

- How to write better software,

- New technologies and development strategies,

- How to snowboard,

- and I even learned to speak a little German.

This was one of my most seminal experiences. It did, however, remind me why I got into programming to begin with. I do not program solely for the joy of problem solving, I enjoy programming in part for the same reason I got into animation - the satisfaction of bringing things to life and being an entertainer from behind the scenes. While I loved working at Intergral and I made some wonderful friends, returning to continue working on enterprise software is not something I can see myself doing currently. Out of self interests, I'd personally rather be contributing to the development of an emotional experience over ensuring a bank or scientific institution remains performative. But looking back at the experiences gained and had, choosing to work at Intergral will remain one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Herrenberg town square
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